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About Us

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The Nock is a grade 6 through 8 school serving about 520 students. In order to support the unique needs of early adolescent learners, we use a team-based teaching model. Each grade has two teams (Crimson and Gold) of five teachers.

Middle school students are transitioning from an elementary model of education where they typically have one or two teachers and are moving towards a high school model where they might have as many as seven teachers. Our team model allows students to take classes with educators who specialize in one subject area and supports teachers in maintaining a holistic picture of how students on their teams are performing in all content areas.

The mission of the Newburyport Public Schools is to ensure each student achieves intellectual and personal excellence and is equipped for life experiences through a system distinguished by students, staff and community who:

  • Practice kindness and perseverance
  • Celebrate each unique individual
  • Value creativity, experiential and rigorous educational opportunities, scholarly pursuits, and life-long learning
  • Provide nurturing environments for emotional, social and physical growth
  • Understand and embrace their role as global citizens.

Our educational programming—including our courses, curricula and policies—is designed with this mission in mind. The middle years are a time of great growth. Students are exploring new interests, finding new passions, and building new skills. Our goal is to support this growth with engaging curricula and developmentally appropriate practices.

We are committed to creating a learning community that nurtures all students and to building warm and welcoming relationships among students, staff and families. We look forward to welcoming you to the Newburyport Public Schools—the port where tradition and innovation converge.